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Five arrested after showing off stolen items in video


Police in Mombasa are holding five suspects accused of being members of a criminal gang operating in the area.

Accordijng to police, the five, suspected to be members of an organized criminal group that has been operating within Sargoi area and its environs were arrested following intelligence led operation lead by a team of detectives based at Central Police Station in Mombasa.

The five suspects namely Vincent Ochieng, Shadrack Ochieng, Felix Otieno, Salim Ali and Shafi Yusuf had earlier been captured in a video recording while displaying items that they had stolen from their victims.


Police say a navy blue jacket that had been captured in the video recording, three iphones, a samsung phone, a memojo phone, a bluetooth headphone among other items were recovered from them upon search.

The five have been processed pending arraignment.