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Garissa boss highlights achievements, promises more legacy projects

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama on Wednesday said that he was determined to leave behind a strong legacy when he leaves office in four years time.

The Governor was speaking at a Garissa hotel during a celebration that was aimed at showcasing his achievements since he assumed office one year down the line.

Jama who won by landslide beating incumbent Ali Korane was sworn into office on August 8th 2022 alongside his Deputy Abdi Dagane who had deputized Korane.

Several county leaders, donors, partners and residents attended the colorful ceremony.

“As we start our second year, I appreciate that we have at least covered enough ground as far as developing our great county is concerned. I believe in the remaining term of me being in office we will complete a number of other projects that are of legacy nature,” said Jama.

Jama who is serving his second and last term used the occasion to remind the residents the poor state in which the county was when he took over saying that it has taken a lot of hard, work, dedication and focus from all to get the county back on track.

“When I took over, I found a government system that was literally dysfunctional in all departments. And so after our swearing in we had to embark on a momentous fresh start to redeem our county with a big heart for rapid results,” said Jama.

Jama said on overall devolution has greatly transformed the country but was quick to add that counties which were referred to as marginalized have benefited a lot calling on residents to rally behind his administration.

Among his notable achievements the revamping of the Garissa county hospital referral theater, As well as the posting of well trained healthcare professionals to health facilities.

“We have also managed to resume the inpatient food supply at the facility after complete absence for three years. The cost-sharing program now enables the hospital to collect an average Ksh 500,000 per month,” he said.

Jama said that Health, water and education were among the key sectors which his administration was working round the clock to streamline calling for support from residents.

He disclosed that his administration has already allocated funds for the construction of an ultra modern 320 bed capacity mother and child hospital which he said will go a long way in further reduce the maternal mortality rates.

He also said that plans were underway to construct a modern market which he said will address the frequent incidences of fire outbreaks. The county is also planning to inject some funds to build the Garissa airstrip.

He disclosed that funds have also been allocated to build a modern soccer stadium.

Jama said that he was aware livestock production remains the dominant economic activity in the county and plays an integral role in driving the local economy saying that it was for this reason that his administration continues to focus substantive amounts of money in the sector in form vaccination, drugs supplies and mass vaccination exercise that we continue to carry out through the county.

Over 80 per cent of the population depends on livestock for their livelihoods and food security.

The sector also accounts for 75pc of employment in the rural setup, earning the county approximately Ksh 10.5 billion from livestock products annually.

Abdi Mohamed a resident while acknowledging the huge strides that have been made by the Jama led administration said that more needs to be done to address the myriad of challenges that the residents still face amongst them lack of water especially in the rural parts.

“Truth be said our hospitals and medical centers were in dire state of affairs leading to public outcry. Facilities were lacking basic and common drugs like painkillers let alone other medicines. Garissa General Hospital was in terrible condition, but things have since changed,” he said.

He added: However going forward we want the issue of water scarcity that our people in the rural parts are faced with addressed the same way the issue has been sorted in Garissa town and its environs. Water remains a basic commodity that when it is not there people will definitely suffer,” he said.

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