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Government recalls all police from Kiamaciri, Kangai over killer brew

The Government has declared total war on manufacturers, sellers and facilitators of toxic illicit brew including security and National Government Administration Officers following the deaths of 17 people who have succumbed to the poison.

First to face the consequences for laxity and corruption, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua announced on Saturday, are police officers from Kangai and Kiamaciri police stations in Mwea, Kirinyaga County.

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Speaking in Kangai Primary School,  during the funeral service of the victims who perished after consuming illicit poisonous brew where he said the war, which was over 70 percent successful is being eroded.

“We have removed all the  officers at Kiamaciri and Kiangai Police Stations from Constable to Officer Commanding Station. The Ruto Administration has announced war against those involved in killing of people- police officers, national administration officers and ‘merchants of death’ (unscrupulous traders). No police officer will be transferred after failing on their duty.  Failures must go home,” the Deputy president said.

He said the government cannot watch as people are dying while ruthless traders are making blood money. Officers of Kiamaciri police station were accused of selling the killer illegal brew, which was confiscated as evidence during prosecution, and sold it to a bar owner. Kangai officers are accused of laxity and corruption.

“We are embarrassed that the same alcohol (that killed people) was an exhibit for court. We have agreed that nobody will be transferred. Anyone who fails in their duties will go home. It can’t happen as we watch our people being killed,” he said.

After the deaths were reported, the Deputy President announced the recalling of top county security officers to Nairobi for investigation and prosecution.

During the service, he said they had been arrested and would be arraigned.

Mr Gachagua said business persons selling illicit brews have no space in Kenya and police and the national government administration officer are under firm instruction to eradicate the poisonous and killer alcohol.

While announcing a meeting with the Chiefs and their assistants in Nyeri, next week for a one-on-one discussion on eradicating illicit brew, he said police officers will not be allowed to run bars, and government officials in the country citing conflict of interest.

He said after the meeting, they will have only two weeks to clear illicit brew or they go home adding that the Ruto administration is ready to sack and replace all chiefs and their assistants in the entire Mt Kenya region.

The killer brew claimed 17 lives

“You either work as a police officer or run a bar. You cannot protect the law which you also flout. That is clearly a conflict of interest,” Mr Gachagua said.

“I will convene a meeting of chiefs from Central region, 1700 of them, and leaders including governors to discuss the issue of illicit liquor. We will have a seating. The selling killer brews, the merchants of death, will be dealt with. All poisonous brews were dumped in Central Kenya to eliminate the youth,” he said.

The Deputy President asked leaders from the Mt Kenya region to also focus on ending the alcohol menace and stop 2032 succession politics.

“Our leaders must support us. You cannot discuss 2032 (general elections) when the community is going to extinction. Before talking of generational (leadership) change, help me save our people first. we face an enemy and the enemy is real. Look at these coffins. We have a battle ahead of dealing with these merchants of death. Let us focus on this challenge,” the Deputy President said.

During the service, Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru announced cancelling of all licenses of bars saying those interested in the business must apply afresh and be vetted. She asked the National Government to support her. The Deputy President assured her of total support including from the County Security as she implements her directive.

The Deputy President appealed to the Judiciary, led by Chief Justice Martha Koome, to be ruthless to the distributors, manufacturers and outlets of illicit brews, who he called “merchants of death to complement the war on these killer drinks.

“The weakest link in this fight is our courts of law. The courts are presided over by judges, who are also parents. They are allowing merchants of death to continue selling poison. We want to treat them (sellers of illicit brew) as merchants of death. I appeal to you, Chief Justice Martha Koome. Talk to the judges and magistrates not to allow these merchants of death to continue killing our people,” he said.

The Deputy President said the seller of the illegal alcohol, which killed the 17 as others went blind has been prosecuted 16 times but courts released the person with laughable fines.

“These fines are a mockery to justice. For allowing the traders to continue selling poison, this is the result,” Mr Gachagua said.

The Spouse of the Deputy President Pastor Dorcas Rigathi said it was unfortunate that security officials, who are employees of the taxpayer are not helping in ending illicit brew. She said the church will continue working with the State in addressing this socio-economic challenge.

“The Church does not need anyone’s permission to protect lives. We will continue working with the State in protecting lives,” she said.

She asked the counties to involve the public in issuance of licenses for bars and other alcohol outlets.

The Deputy President said the National Government is taking disciplinary action against officers who failed in their job.

During the service, Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru announced the cancellation of all licenses of bars saying those interested in the business must apply afresh and be vetted. She asked the National Government to support her.

Mr Gachagua assured the governor of national Government support.

“I ask the courts not to stop the order of Governor Waiguru. We will do our part,” he said.

While congratulating Nyandarua County for enacting a law to curb the distinction and sale of illicit alcohol, the Deputy President said he will convene a meeting with Members of County Assemblies from Mt Kenya Region to assess the progress of putting in place legal frameworks at the devolved units.

He said the ongoing reforms in the coffee, tea and other subsectors are bearing fruit, but they will only benefit the people if illegal alcohol is eliminated.

Other leaders present include Cabinet Secretary for Lands Alice Wahome, Secretary to the Cabinet Mercy Wanjau, Principal Secretary Mary Muthoni (State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards), Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru, Kirinyaga Senator Kamau Murango, Mary Maingi, (Mwea MP), Embu Senator Alexander Mundigi, Nyeri Senator Wahome Wamatinga, Mary Wamaua (Maragua MP), Rindikiri Mugambi, (Buuri MP) Elizabeth Kailemia (Meru Woman Rep) Gachoki Gitari (Kirinyaga Central), George Kariuki (Ndia MP), Karemba Muchangi (Runyenjes MP), Julius Taitumu (Igembe North MP), Benjamin Gathiru Mejja Donk (Embakasi Central MP). Also present are the chairperson Kenya Seed Company, Wangui Ngirici, MCAs, among other leaders.

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