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Government serious about fiscal discipline in Public Service, says Mudavadi

Mudavadi noted the urgency of reducing the public debt through prudent management of external debts.

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has reiterated government’s commitment The government has reiterated its commitment to entrench fiscal discipline in the public sector.

In a speech read on his behalf by Legislative Affairs PS Aurelia Rono during official opening of the second phase of the economic governance programme between Kenya and South Africa at the Kenya School of Government, Mudavadi noted that proper management of public resources will enhance efficiency, transparency, and accountability as government works on fulfilling its campaign pledges.

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“Giving an example of Kenya’s public service which is relatively young, this program targets serving pubic officers in their nascent years within the service. Since they are beginning to display signs of future potential, we ought to empower them at an early stage to ensure progressive growth within the civil service.” said Mudavadi.

“The myth that our public service in Kenya is filled with dinosaurs (old-fashioned or unable to adapt to modern times) is just hearsay. Out of a 394,792 strong mainstream civil service that comprises of national government civil service, police, teachers and county employees, those under 40 years form 50% and those under 50 years old form 77% of the workforce,” he added

Mudavadi further stated that government will going forward prioritize domestic resource mobilization in an effort to reduce reliance on non-concessional foreign borrowing.

“We will ensure borrowed funds are used primarily for productive and inclusive projects, well outlined and with a clear plan. Implementing fiscal consolidation and discipline measures will also reduce the budget deficit and stabilize the debt-to-GDP ratio. transparency and accountability in public debt management are paramount.” said Mudavadi.

His sentiments on prudent utilization of public resources come in the wake of a stern warning issued by President William Ruto to all government officers in the public sector that his regime will not at any point tolerate corruption, mismanagement of public resources, laxity and lack of transparency and accountability in running of government and public affairs.

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