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InsiderPR commits to helping local businesses with funding

From Left: Anthonlo Babatunde, the COO of Ingressive Capital, Eliot Pence, Co-Founder InsiderPR

InsiderPR, a firm specializing in connecting African startups with investors aims to bolster local businesses’ access to funding.

Founded in 2017, with offices across Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa, the company’s CEO Elliot Pence underscores its mission: “connecting African talent with global capital.”

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Pence emphasizes InsiderPR’s role in helping startups craft compelling narratives to attract investment, addressing a common challenge in Kenya—ineffective storytelling.

With a network of over 200 venture capital firms focusing on frontier markets like Africa, Asia, and Latin America, InsiderPR emphasizes the importance of traction for startups seeking funding.

Pence highlights the need for startups to demonstrate sustained traction over months and years to secure investment.

Drawing parallels with India’s startup ecosystem, Pence suggests Africa has the potential to attract significantly more capital.

He points out that while Indian startups raised $48 billion in the previous year, African startups only managed $3.5 billion a disparity he believes African startups can address, tapping into a global capital pool exceeding $50 billion.

InsiderPR is committed to amplifying the message of the startups it collaborates with, targeting investors in the US and Europe.

Pence also notes that entrepreneurs with a proven track record of building successful businesses are particularly attractive to foreign investors.

With a focus on bridging the gap between African startups and global investment opportunities, InsiderPR stands poised to support the growth and success of local businesses.

Maya Morgan, Ingressive Capital Investor with Anthonlo Babatunde, the COO of Ingressive Capital, during a function of Inside PR.
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