Kenyan media personality, Janet Mbugua, is opening up about the online harassment and body shaming she went through while she was pregnant with her firstborn son Ethan Huru Ndichu born in 2015.

Mbugua is scheduled to be a speaker at the International Gender Champions global seminar scheduled to take place on September 26. She will deliver the keynote speech as a representative of the Inua Dada Foundation, which she founded.

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Speaking about her own experience, Mbugua said, “In 2015 when I was a News Anchor on Citizen TV, and pregnant with my firstborn, Huru, I was attacked online, with a lot vitriol towards me for being ‘too pregnant’ Yes, too pregnant. Make it make sense!”

Further detailing her experience, Janet said that what she went through was just one example of online sexism.

“A lot of the comments were asking for me to come back on the news after my Maternity Leave. I pushed back, and had an amazing team and great bosses who backed me,” she said,”but it was one example among many, of online sexism, that millions of people, but especially girls and women, continue to face.”

Mbugua left the media not long after, dedicating the rest of her career to uplifting girls and women through her foundation and other related causes.

The global seminar will also be streamed online and you can attend by clicking here.

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