Kenyan singer Liboi renowned for her multidisciplinary exploits and unparalleled artistry returns with her second EP, Safari. 

The new EP follows State Of Being, released in 2022, which was an exploration of self. 

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In this new project, Liboi challenges herself musically, emotionally, and spiritually. She embarks on an unwavering journey to spread her wings collaboratively, building bridges with her peers in countries within Africa, whilst intermarrying the diverse African cultures, generations, nations, empowering Africans to embrace pan-Africanism and champion Ubuntu. 

Preceded by the two idyllic singles “Safari” and “Nengua, ” Liboi expands her music catalogue with a vibrant, meaningful, transcendental body of work which features seven tracks.

The featured artists include Siti Amina from Zanzibar, the Bahati Female Band from Dar es Salaam, Erika Mascaro, Jason Gras, and Michele Stella, who gather to share their love for music and have jam sessions together in each other’s homes. 

Inspired by a residency Liboi attended in Tanzania at the Nafasi Art Space in March 2023, Safari roots itself in sharing Africa’s rich musical diversity, showcasing the adept spirit of collaboration between Africans and beyond, and magnifies the succinct message of unification, togetherness, and camaraderie. 

“The EP is named “Safari” because it evokes the idea of a journey or adventure. Just like a safari in the wild, this EP takes listeners on a musical expedition, exploring various landscapes and emotions through its tracks. It’s a metaphorical journey through sound and emotion, which is why the name “Safari” was chosen to capture that sense of exploration and discovery” Liboi says of her new EP.

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