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KDC to assist Lamu County scout for investors for industrial park


The Kenya Development Corporation (KDC) has committed to engage potential investors to discuss feasibility studies that will bolster Lamu County planned industrial park.

The Lamu County is targeting to attract investors who will establish cotton, cashew nuts, and fruits industries in its County Aggregation and Industrial Park (CAIP).

“Lamu is a prime destination for investment, brimming with untapped potential across a diverse range of sectors. From tourism and agriculture to infrastructure and renewable energy, our county offers a wealth of opportunities for profitable ventures,” said Issa Timamy, Lamu County Governor.

The county has identified seven key sectors including manufacturing, agriculture and agribusiness, healthcare, energy, tourism and infrastructure development which are potential areas for investment.

“The sectors we have identified have the potential to transform Lamu County into a thriving economic hub, creating jobs and business opportunities and improving the overall well-being of the residents. The strategic focus on these priority investment areas aligns with the national government’s commitment to fostering an environment conducive to sustainable development and economic prosperity,” added Dr. Sakwa Bunyais, KDC Chairman.

The county is banking on the industrial l park to spur economic growth in the county and provide market for farmers, especially those growing cashew nuts with the planned establishment of a factory in the Hindi Ward.

KDC will now engage the county in exploring financing opportunities for the projects through public-private partnerships.

“We are excited about the partnership potential with the Lamu County government. It enables us to open a path for investors to one of the most promising markets in our country,” added Norah Ratemo, KDC Director General.

They were speaking during the Lamu Investment Forum held Monday.

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