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Kenchic goes green and integrates solar power systems

The solar power integration project is a testament to Kenchic's commitment to significantly reduce its carbon footprint, contributing to a greener and more environmentally conscious Kenya.


In promoting the use of clean, renewable energy Kenchic has installed  a 1.32 MW grid-connected solar system at its two key factories, the Kenchic Hatchery and Kenchic Processing Plant, an  investment expected to reduce the company’s electricity expenses by 33%.

With 1,550 MWh of energy generated, the solar project, which is intended to run throughout the day, is expected to offset a significant amount of Kenchic’s energy needs.

“As we mark the successful completion of this groundbreaking solar power integration project, Kenchic reaffirms its dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly operations.
This initiative is not merely a technological advancement but a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and set new standards for responsible business practices.

The solar project aligns seamlessly with our mission to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, making us a leader in the pursuit of a greener future for Kenya,” said Jim Tozer, Managing Director at Kenchic Ltd.

Charles Ngare, General Manager at Chloride Exide Ltd., said they are proud of the initiative to share Kenchic’s vision.

“Our collaboration with Kenchic on this solar integration project underscores Chloride Exide’s commitment to providing innovative energy solutions that drive sustainable development. We are proud to bring our expertise in energy systems to complement Kenchic’s vision. This project is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and the impact that can be achieved when organisations unite to address environmental challenges.

Together, we illuminate the path to a cleaner, more sustainable future for Kenya, and we are proud to be associated with Kenchic and support their vision for a safer and more sustainable poultry industry.”

As part of its efforts to become a leader in sustainability and to fulfil SDG Goal 12, “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns,” Kenchic wants to further establish itself as a leader in environmentally friendly business practices.

With the solar power integration project, Kenchic is demonstrating its dedication to lowering its carbon footprint and making Kenya a greener, more ecologically conscious country.

Kenchic plans to save a significant amount of money on its operational procedures by installing a grid-tie solar power system, demonstrating its dedication to innovation for both cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

The project highlights the organisations’ common goal of promoting good environmental effect and assisting in the development of a more resilient and sustainable future.

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