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Kenya Maritime Authority initiates three-day training for Lamu seafarers


Kenya Maritime Authority has initiated a three-day training for Lamu Seafarers following a presidential directive aimed at enhancing maritime safety.

The initiative is geared towards equipping seafarers with essential skills in marine safety to mitigate the occurrence of sea accidents.

The Education Director of Kenya Maritime Authority Captain Peter Munga highlighted the importance of the program, emphasizing that the training aims to enhance the capabilities of seafarers in navigating the waters safely and responding effectively to emergencies.

The directive, stemming from the highest office in the country, underscores the government’s commitment to bolstering maritime safety measures and minimizing the risks associated with seafaring.

Lamu County Governor, Issa Timamy, has expressed his support for the initiative, stating that it is a positive step towards securing the livelihoods of seafarers in the region.

Governor Timamy emphasized the significance of such training programs in ensuring the safety of Lamu County coxswains, particularly during crackdowns and inspections.

The comprehensive training program will cover a range of topics, including emergency response procedures, navigation techniques, and adherence to maritime regulations.

Industry experts and seasoned maritime professionals will lead the training sessions, providing practical insights and real-world scenarios to enhance the participants’ understanding of maritime safety.




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