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Kenya Power to clear 200,000 meter installation backlogs

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Kenya Power is targeting install 236,924 new meters which have been pending due to procurement constraints.

Kenya Power Managing Director Joseph Siror says under the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI), the utility will connect more than 320,000 customers with pending connection within 90 days.

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“In the recent past, we have experienced challenges with the procurement of critical materials which has negatively impacted our drive to onboard new customers,” said Siror.

The power distributor says through the initiative which begun this week, it has installed 10,759 meters for new connections.

“I am happy to note that these challenges have been addressed and we have started receiving meters, which we are deploying to clear pending connections,” he added.

Kenya Power says despite the its campaign to raise the national electricity access rate, many customers have been forced to wait for long periods as protracted court battles hindered procurement of meters and other materials.

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