In a press statement, KTB’s Acting Chief Executive Officer John Chirchir disclosed that the board pitched for tourism themes in the just concluded national music festivals that attracted many entries.

“As a marketing agency, we are all aware of the potential learning institutions had in creating awareness on domestic tourism and in this year’s Music festivals, we had 19 classes attracting 172 entries at national entries at national level performing under the theme “Tembea Kenya –Tourism is you and me”, said Chirchir.

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Among the entries on promotion of tourism were learning institutions, including primary schools, Teacher training Colleges and Universities, with KTB pointing out that it has committed itself to reshaping the perceptions of Kenyans on domestic travels through positive storytelling that highlights the best of Kenya.

“Songs, poems and dance are an important way of communication, especially in the African context. Through the arts, we can evoke emotions and get immediate from Kenyans. This is why we are leveraging performances and the arts to communicate to Kenyans and even show them the beauty of Kenya,” added Chirchir.

He said that the board was pleased to sponsor a theme during the National Music Festivals, aligning to promote domestic tourism.

“We believe that by capitalizing on the appeal of music and drama festivals, we can engage Kenyans in a way that enriches their appreciation for our country’s unique experiences,” he added.

According to the CEO, the domestic market is an important segment that has the potential to sustain the tourism industry in Kenya if properly explored through different initiatives such as leveraging on music festivals.

“While international tourists play a substantial role in generating tourism revenue, we continue to emphasize the importance of fostering domestic tourism to balance the revenue streams. It is precisely for this reason that we remain committed to showcasing the incredible diversity of Kenya’s tourism offerings leveraging different platforms, which presents us with the opportunity,” said Chirchir.

Tourism is one of the most important industries in Kenya’s economy, contributing significantly to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and providing livelihoods for many by employing about 270,000 people directly and another approximately 500,000 indirectly.

KTB seeks to challenge the prevailing notion that tourism is predominantly meant for foreign visitors by harnessing the appeal of music and drama festivals. This move intends to instil a sense of pride and ownership among Kenyans, positioning them as integral participants in shaping the nation’s tourism landscape.

Central to this initiative is promoting diverse tourism experiences beyond the traditional wildlife and beach attractions through dynamic music and drama festivals. KTB aims to highlight the range of tourism opportunities available across the country.

Kenyans will be introduced to various options, from cultural immersions to eco-tourism adventures, sports events, birdwatching, captivating natural landscapes, guided safaris, water sports, and modern conferencing facilities.

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