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Lands ministry launches cashless revenue collection initiative

The ministry of lands has launched a nationwide initiative to implement a cashless revenue collection policy within land offices within the country.
The initiative, which officially kicked off Monday morning, has already seen the successful implementation of pilot programs in 18 land offices spread across the country.
This move seeks to eliminate cash transactions in land offices, reducing opportunities for embezzlement and fostering accountability, precision, and timely reporting.
Lands Cabinet Secretary, Zachariah Njeru, and Principal Secretary, Nixon Korir, spearheaded the nationwide launch with Njeru saying the policy shift will streamline service delivery, making land transactions more efficient and expeditious.
The government seeks to transition to the cashless system in all land registries across the nation within 14 days.
The CS flagged off eight teams to digitize land registries and undertake an audit of the status of registries and to assess the capacity of staff to ensure full-scale digitization of all land transactions in Kenya.
Njeru said digitization of land processes will minimize human contact in land transactions, reducing the risk of corruption when accessing services.

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