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Matatu Owners Association oppose move to fit cameras in PSVs

Matatu Owners Association of Kenya President Albert Karakacha has opposed the move by Ministry of Transport to install cameras in their Matatus.

Speaking in Meru after meeting Matatu owners from Meru and Isiolo counties, Karakacha said as Matatu owners would wish to ensure that their drivers minimize accidents on the roads noted that to realize this they are after setting up their own driving school for their drivers and wants the Ministry of Transport to assist in realizing this dream.

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He said installation of cameras in the matatus will not assist in any way in reduction of the accidents in our roads noting that even after changing speed governors 5 times, still accidents are being witnessed on the roads.

Patrisiah Musimi the CEO Matatu Owners Association said that the visit was meant to introduce the new Association officials to Matatu owners countrywide.

She said the visit is also meant to get views from the Association members and stakeholders so that the Association can bring sanity in the matatu industry.

Titus Mwiti Chairperson Meru Matatu Owners Association thanked the Nation Association Officials for visiting Meru.

He said as Matatu owners from Meru County they are working together with the Meru governor and National police service traffic department, NTSA and other government agencies in ensuring that they have a conducive working environment.

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