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Morocco rise in ethnic values despite earth quake

After the horrific earthquake that devastated Morocco, killing hundreds of people and injuring many more,King Mohammed VI said that the real values of the Moroccan soul had triumphed.

“This tragedy has demonstrated that genuine Moroccan values have triumphed.”

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They have enabled our country to overcome adversity and crises, making us not only stronger, but also more determined to forge ahead, with unwavering confidence and optimism,” said the Sovereign in a speech to Parliament on the occasion of the first session of the third legislative year of the 11th Parliament, which began on Friday.

According to His the King, this “is the spirit, and those are the lofty values ingrained in our DNA.” We regard them as the foundation of our unity.

Moroccan society’s coherence and oneness.” “The Kingdom’s Constitution enshrined these rallying national values.”

They pertain to and are embodied by all aspects of our real Moroccan identity, and they are also totally consistent with global ideals,” HM the King stated.

More specifically, the Sovereign emphasizedthe following founding values of a unified national identity: 

first, religious and spiritual values, at the forefront of which are the values of Maliki Sunni Islam, which is based on the Commandership of the Faithful and calls for moderation, openness to others, tolerance, and interfaith, intercultural coexistence.

This, according to the King, is what makes Morocco a model of coexistence among Moroccans, Muslims, and Jews alike.

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