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Nairobi County says it’s open to receive, resolve all public complaints

The County government of Nairobi has unveiled a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining public complaints’ resolutions.

Ibrahim Nyàngoya, the County Executive Member of Green Nairobi, Dr. Anastasia Nyalita, the County Executive Member for Inclusivity, Public Participation, Citizen Engagement & Customer Service, alongside Chief Officer Lydia Mathià and Chief Officer Environment Hibrahim Otieno, along with directors from both sectors, committed to join forces going forward to make this mission a reality.

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This dynamic group convened with the Kenya Alliance of Residence Association (KARA) to advance a concept for resolving customer complaints received through the KARA portal.

Green Nairobi CEC Ibrahim Nyangoya reiterated his commitment to ensure resolution of all complaints at City Hall within 72 hours, even as he urged the association to collaborate in addressing the issue of illegal dumping.

Dr. Nyalita welcomed the KARA initiative, highlighting the Nairobi City County Government’s dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction through a multi-sectoral approach to handling complaints.

The CEO of KARA indicated that the organization, boasting a membership of 3000 residents, had introduced the Hatua Customer Resolution Management System, which will “empower all residents to raise complaints and voice concerns of interest, reinforcing the collective commitment to effective and timely complaint resolution in Nairobi City County,”

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