The Kenya Film Commission (KFC) and African Union (AU) have launched the temporary Secretariat of African Audio Visual and Cinema Commission (AACC) in Nairobi.

The establishment of the AACC was spearheaded by the Government of Kenya, the AU Commission and the Pan-African Federation of Film Makers (FEPACI).

AACC will promote research on African Audio-visual and cinema industries, promote and distribute African films throughout the continent and internationally and fast track the establishment of the African Audio-visual and cinema fund.

Speaking during the launch, the head of the AACC Mr. Amadou Cisse expressed gratitude to the government of Kenya for offering to host the AACC secretariat and committed to promoting
cooperation among AU member states in the audio-visual world.

“The AACC temporary launch in Kenya marks a significant step forward in our journey to nurture
creativity and solidarity through audio-visual mediums.

“We shall commit to championing the AACC objectives as well as prioritise conducting sector audits and providing technical assistance to bolster the industry’s growth,” said Cisse.

Additionally, the commission will provide technical support and advisory services to member states for the formulation and implementation of audio-visual and cinema policies.

The AACC is also expected to promote the protection of indigenous knowledge and African oral and written folklore both at the national and continental levels.

Acting Director for Social Development, Culture and Sport, Mrs Angela Martins said the launch
marked a significant milestone in the collective journey towards fostering the growth and
development of the African audio-visual and cinema sector.

“The establishment of the Temporary Secretariat of the AACC signifies a tangible step forward in realising the objectives set forth by the African Union to promote creativity, innovation, and
solidarity through the medium of audio-visual and cinematic expressions,” said Martins.

Principal Secretary Youth Affairs and Creative Economy, Kenya, Ismail Maalim challenged the
stakeholders in the film industry in Africa to give themselves high targets and constantly review the industry’s performance to compete on the global stage as well as remove hurdles that make it difficult for film investment in Africa difficult, expensive and unattractive.

KFC CEO Timothy Owase reiterated the Commission’s support towards ensuring that the AACC will create a unified African market that will be united through storytelling.
“At KFC, we shall ensure that we have developed policies, incentives and proper infrastructure for creatives to traverse the world.

“We shall work together with AACC in marketing African cinema to the world,” said Owase.

The temporary AACC secretariat will be hosted by the Kenya Film Commission offices in Nairobi.

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