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Nakhumicha urges Kenyans to prioritize good hygiene practices during festivities

Ministry of Health Cabinet Secretary, Nakhumicha Wafula, has called on Kenyans to prioritize good hygiene practices as they begin celebrations during this festive season to mitigate the occurrence of illnesses caused by consuming contaminated food and water.

In a statement, the Cabinet Secretary said maintaining cleanliness is crucial to safeguarding individual and community wellbeing insisting that it is paramount for everyone to observe good hygiene practices as they make merry with their friends and families.

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The Cabinet Secretary noted that proper hand hygiene remains a foundation stone in preventing the spread of germs, calling for regular handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 second or use of hand sanitizers that are at least 60 percent alcohol based, in place where soap and water are not available.

Further, the Cabinet Secretary urged Kenyans to handle and prepare food with care whilst ensuring that it is thoroughly cooked and properly stored to prevent foodborne illnesses. Additionally, the Cabinet Secretary asked Kenyan to celebrate while exercising moderation adding that exercising should not be neglected as it is vital in overall individual wellbeing.

“Eat and drink with moderation. Choose healthy foods and remember to balance your plate with vegetables, fruits, and salads. Environmental cleanliness is a shared responsibility, and we should all be custodians of our surroundings. Ensure that you keep your living spaces, public areas, and event venues clean and well-maintained as proper waste disposal, sanitation and management contribute to a safer environment for everyone.

“Everyone has a role to play in creating a safe environment for all of us. I am urging Kenyans to continue adhering to the public health and social measures as a personal responsibility. Our health should be our priority,” she noted.

The Cabinet Secretary also encouraged motorists to exercise caution, urging them to be mindful on the roads whilst ensuring that they obey the law. She said major roads may experience snarl ups due to the number of motorists traveling and asked Kenyans to be patient with one another.

She added: “Christmas season is a cherished tradition that we celebrate with family and friends. But we cannot understate the importance of social distancing to reduce the risks of respiratory diseases and infections. I encourage all of us to wear masks to minimize the spread of respiratory droplets, especially in crowded or enclosed spaces for the safety of the community. On behalf of the Ministry of Health, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”


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