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Ombudsman expresses concern over widespread violence during demonstrations

The Commission on Administrative Justice, also known as the Office of the Ombudsman, has expressed concerns over the widespread violence observed during the recent demonstrations held in various parts of the Country.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Commission’s Chairperson Florence Kajuju called for investigations into the matter noting that criminal acts have led to the unfortunate loss of lives as well as destruction of public and private properties.

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“The Commission calls for thorough investigations to be conducted to establish those who have violated the law, destroyed properties, injured and killed Kenyans and appropriate legal measures to be taken against the perpetrators, be it the Kenyan Police or any civilians,” Kajuju said.

“Instances of maladministration, including allegations of office bearers abusing their authority during demonstrations, should be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate measures should be taken against those found responsible,” she added

The Commission also urged the relevant Government authorities and law enforcement agencies to adhere to the Constitution, respect human rights, and refrain from use of disproportionate force in handling any threat to peace and security.

The Ombudsman further appealed to the Opposition Party Leadership to ensure that the protests are conducted in accordance with the Constitution which requires demonstrations to be carried out peacefully and for the demonstrators to be unarmed.

“The Commission calls upon all Kenyans and the Government to engage in constructive dialogue as a means of addressing any underlying economic, social, and political grievances,” said Kajuju.

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