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Prime suspect in murder of police office, two chiefs in Lamu apprehended


In a significant breakthrough for law enforcement, Mustakima Mohammed Ali, a prime suspect in the heinous murders of a police officer and two chiefs in Lamu County back in December 2019, has been apprehended.

The arrest marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing pursuit of justice for the victims and their families.

The operation leading to the arrest unfolded on Sunday afternoon when Anti-Terrorism Police, supported by their Special Operations Group (SOG) counterparts, intercepted a Malindi-bound bus at the Sambaki Bridge roadblock in Lamu.

Mustakima Ali, also known as Abu Mahir, was seized during the operation, ending his evasion of justice.

According to the DCI, following the gruesome killings in 2019, Mustakima Ali and his associates went into hiding, initially seeking refuge within the dense confines of the Boni Forest.

However, their sanctuary was short-lived as security forces managed to flush them out. Subsequently, they fled to a neighbouring country to evade capture.

In a daring move in April 2023, three members of Mustakima Ali’s group attempted to re-enter the country.

However, their plans were foiled as they were intercepted and arrested along the Isiolo-Moyale highway en route to Somalia. Legal proceedings against them are currently underway at the Kahawa Law Courts.

Meanwhile, the DCI says that despite these successes, several other suspects linked to the Lamu County killings remain at large, posing a continued threat to public safety. Law enforcement agencies are actively pursuing these individuals, and efforts to bring them to justice are ongoing.

“The arrest of Mustakima Mohammed Ali represents a significant step forward in the fight against terrorism and underscores the unwavering commitment of security forces to uphold the rule of law and protect citizens from harm,”

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