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PCS assures KUPPET of Govt’s support on teachers’ group life cover

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has assured teachers that the Government is committed to supporting their request for a group life cover as part of their medical insurance.

Dr. Mudavadi acknowledged that teachers are currently the only public servants without a life cover and expressed the Kenya Kwanza Government’s dedication to aligning their position with that of other public service employees.

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Speaking during celebrations to mark the Silver Jubilee of the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET), the Prime Cabinet Secretary emphasized the Government’s partnership with various stakeholders in the education sector to ensure that Kenyan children receive quality education.

On the challenges facing Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) teachers on contract, the Prime Cabinet Secretary pledged the Government’s commitment to improving their terms in accordance with their employment agreements.

“I will be an advocate of your course in the Government so that we can see how to tackle the challenges you are facing,” he said.

He added: “Furthermore, rapid technological, economic and social change across the world are redefining the Government’s role in the complex nature of industrial relations for the labour sector. We also acknowledge KUPPET’s position on domiciling the JSS structure and wish to assure you that the transition is smooth and cost-effective.

Dr. Mudavadi highlighted the various initiatives implemented by the Government to transform the education system and equip Kenyan youth with the skills necessary for national development.

He cited the allocation of significant resources in this year’s budget to cater for the needs of teachers.

One such initiative entailed authorizing the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to hire 58,000 new teachers on both a contractual and permanent basis, marking the highest number recruited in a single year.

This measure aims to bridge the shortfall of 116,000 teachers by the next financial year.

Additionally, the TSC promoted 51,000 teachers across all levels to strengthen the capacity of the education system and enhance the delivery of high-quality outcomes.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary also said the Government increased funding for Technical Vocational Education and Training institutions to expand the capacity for students’ transition from primary and secondary schools to tertiary education.

He noted that needy students from underprivileged backgrounds are being supported through bursaries and grants.

PCS also said primary and secondary schools have benefitted from increased capitation to accommodate the rising cost of education services, while universities have received additional funding, including research grants.

He pointed out that the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has restructured its funding model to align with students’ ability to pay for education loans.

In line with the Government’s initiatives, youth polytechnics that were once collapsed have now been revitalized to empower young people with gainful skills for self-employment , Dr. Mudavadi said.

The PCS highlighted the enactment of enabling legislation to promote workers’ interests and industrial harmony, underscoring the establishment of a Social Health Insurance scheme to extend healthcare to all Kenyans as part of the Government’s commitment to address citizens’ healthcare needs.

“Making these commitments has meant striking a fair balance between the competing needs for public resources from various Government ministries and agencies. We also balance the interests of various stakeholders, including employees, unions and employers,” he said.

Dr. Mudavadi reaffirmed the Government’s intention to publish a Sessional Paper on proposals by the Presidential Working Party on Education Reform to align them with national laws.

He said the Government has fostered respectful and mutually beneficial relations with all trade unions, creating an enabling environment for them to fulfill their mandate.

In this regard, Prime CS expressed his personal appreciation for the insights provided by KUPPET leaders at grassroots levels during his political career.

“ We have created the space for the trade union movement to play its rightful role of being the authentic voice of our working population. I have personally worked closely with KUPPET leaders at grassroots levels during my political career. Let me take this opportunity to appreciate the insights you have provided to me on how to improve the scale and quality of our education system,”

The event which was graced by several senior government officials and  KUPPET members from across the country was also addressed by its leaders who included Chairman Omboko Milemba and Secretary General Akelo Misori among others.

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