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Dorcas Rigathi plans to launch ‘health village’ for treatment, rehabilitation

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, Global Advisory Group’s Prof.Yossi Harel-Fisch (left) and Chaim Peri (right)

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi is on course in her plan to roll out a ‘health village’ for treatment and rehabilitation.

Pastor Dorcas was invited to Israel to benchmark on the best model of such villages that she plans to set up in Kenya.

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She said the program addresses the holistic approach of rehabilitation and reform from drugs and substance abuse.

Under such a program addicts are taken to a home set up treatment and rehabilitation centers that offers a holistic approach to their road to recovery.

Unlike a boarding facility for rehabilitation in these health villages addicts are made to feel at home in the health villages which makes it easier for their recovery.

The facilities offer freedom to the addicts during the treatment period which lasts between 5-8Months.

“I see there is hope even in our country, and I believe the kind of treatment that is going on here is a holistic kind of a program that addresses the individual in an in-depth way. It is a home where the people who come here go out having been initiated into an independent life.“ She said.

Pastor was invited by Well-Being International: Global Advisory Group who have pledged to support her course.

In her mission to rescue the boychild, Pastor Dorcas is in the process of establishing such facilities that she says will go a long way in rehabilitating boys already in drugs and substance abuse.

“The concept removes the mentality of enslaving, gives them freedom and validates their dreams.“ Pastor Dorcas said.

More than 120 youth from various parts of the country are currently under rehabilitation in Timau and other centers across the country under her program.

Pastor Dorcas toured KFAR IZUN (Which means a village of the balance) and YEMIN ORDE-The village way which have transformed many youths in Israel. The facilities also offer skills to the youth before they are integrated back to the community.

During her tour of the facilities Pastor Dorcas also listened to some of the success stories from the facilities of addicts who are on their way to recovery. The facilities also offer follow ups to the recovering addicts.

Well-Being International: Global Advisory Group’s Prof.Yossi Harel-Fisch said the model has been successful in Israel and rescued many youths.

“We can already imagine how to translate the models and long-term success and tailor it to Kenya and then pilot it in Kenya and spread it in Africa.“ Said Prof.Yossi.

The CEO of KFAR IZUN Orit Shapiro expressed willingness to support Pastor Dorcas in actualizing the plan.

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