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Raila: Referendum unavoidable for some proposals by dialogue committee


Azimio Leader Raila Odinga has supported the idea of a referendum to implement certain proposals fronted by the National Dialogue Committee report.

Speaking at the SKM Center in Nairobi, Odinga says the creation of the office of the Opposition leader and the office of the Prime cabinet secretary should be subjected to a referendum and Kenyans to have their say as it is a constitutional requirement.

Raila shared his dissatisfaction with the outcome of the report especially on the rising cost of living that he claims Kenya kwanza were not willing to tackle and adopt solutions from the various recommendations they fronted like repealing the Finance act 2023.

“We will be engaging Kenyans further in the coming weeks as we must because the pain of the cost of living is really unbearable. In the coming weeks the majority of Kenyans will be carrying the burden of increased school fees and increased healthcare costs,” said Odinga.

Odinga further noted that Kenyans must be involved in the decision making process of certain proposals made by the 10 member committee that seeks to alter with the 2010 constitution that is yet to be fully implemented.

The Azimio leader further proposes that the state should settle on a system that will govern the country and end the political intolerance after every election period.

While supporting the report Odinga maintained that he will use other avenues to force the government to address the perenial issues dogging Kenyans like the increase of taxation especially on essential commodities like fuel which has led to the rise of commodities in the country.

This comes as a section of Azimio leaders led by NARC Kenya party leader Martha Karua and DAP K leader Eugene Wamalwa have shared their frustration over the report stating it has not achieved its initial objective.

Abdiaziz Hashim
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