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President Ruto: Agricultural innovation key to poverty reduction


Agricultural innovation and technology remain key to poverty reduction, President William Ruto has said.

The President pointed out that innovation has the potential to introduce economies to the possibilities of the digital economy and increase intra-Africa trade, thus accelerating regional integration.

With innovation, he said, barriers become bridges, borders transform into portals and challenges turn into opportunities.

President Ruto made the remarks during the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair held in Bulawayo where he was the chief guest.

“There is no doubt that the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair represents this country’s preparedness to usher in a new era of development driven by the country’s human and natural resources,” said President Ruto.

Saying he was convinced that Zimbabwe’s commitment to transform its immense potential into sustainable abundance is robust, President Ruto cited the efforts, intentions and capability of leaders in the Southern African country to take its people and economy to the next level.

“I am also convinced that this intentionality is closely connected with the vision and theme of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair,” he said.

President Ruto, who was accompanied by his Zimbabwe counterpart Emmerson Mnangagwa, noted that innovation empowers technologies to achieve more in volume and variety, making it easier to satisfy demand and offer choice.

In this connection, President Ruto said innovation reduces waiting time and leads to higher levels of satisfaction, enabling producers to attain and maintain higher standards.

“It guarantees both consistency and security, making both consumers and producers surer about their expectations,” he said.

He pointed out that an economy anchored on innovation-driven efficiency becomes and stays competitive and guarantees high returns to investors.

“In terms of potential, Zimbabwe exemplifies Africa’s best case scenario,” he said.

With a median age of just under 18, President Ruto said Zimbabwe is a young nation with one of Africa’s best literacy rates at 89.85 percent. The youthful population is, therefore, well-educated and highly skilled young powered. Their drive and motivation are thus unmistakable and compelling.

He asked all participants and visitors to take advantage of the trade fair and undertake vigorous networking to forge partnerships, collaborate and exchange ideas about the most innovative means of achieving mutual benefit.

“Just as innovation has been defined as the catalyst of industrialisation and trade, I encourage you to make the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair your catalyst of more inspired engagements,” said President Ruto.

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