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Scaling Mount Kenya for Mental Health

Ascending Mt. Kenya, these folks convey a message of resilience, hope, and mental health awareness.

In a remarkable endeavor that transcend physical challenges to echo the deeper, often silent battles of mental health, Econnect Africa’s Director, Markben Oluchiri, is leading over 50 first-time hikers on an expedition to scale Mt. Kenya.

The “Raise Your Flag” movement’s symbolic trek transcends physical summits to reflect individuals’ mental health difficulties.

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A Diverse Group for a Common Cause
Mr. Oluchiri will be joined by Mr. Andrew Lomosi, Director of Trisol Engineering, who advocates for mental health in the energy sector.

Part of the group members hiking Mount Kenya

The group started hiking Mt. Kenya on Friday, February 2, with the expedition scheduled to take three days.

His presence brings attention to mental health concerns in technical disciplines, which are generally disregarded.

“We’re here to show that mental health is a universal concern, transcending all professional boundaries,” Lomosi said.

The trailblazing group includes Dennis Mwangi, managing partner of Thalia Psychotherapy, and Mercy Mwende, COO of Mindful Kenya.

They are accompanied by five mental health practitioners with diverse specialties.

“Each of us, regardless of our competence in mental health, faces our unique challenges. “This climb is a testament to our shared human experience,” Mwangi says.

The climb includes representatives from law enforcement and healthcare, highlighting the mental health problems faced by these high-stress professions.

“This climb focuses on vision. A healthcare professional who requested anonymity emphasizes the need of self-care for those who care for others.

This year’s Participants share personal stories about mental health issues faced by various societal groups.

“We have mountains to climb and overcome,” states Mr. Oluchiri.

Different groups in society confront various obstacles. “We have mountains to climb and overcome,” adds Mr. Oluchiri,

These personal stories inspire hope and unity among a wider audience.

Mwende from Mindful Kenya describes her experience: “In the fast-paced world of business Mental health is frequently overlooked in the context of leadership.

This climb emphasizes the importance of seeking aid when needed.

According to a police officer in the group, displaying vulnerability is generally viewed as a sign of weakness.

Today, we demonstrate that acknowledging our mental health is a source of strength.

11-year-old chess prodigy Christian Mugambi is a member of the team.

Christian Mugambi, an 11-year-old boy, is committed to raising mental health awareness among children and youth.

Christian’s ascent is part of his ambassadorship for Mindful Kenya’s “Mindful for Schools” program, which screens children for mental health issues and provides therapy.

The chess aficionado is joined by his teammate, Jeshurun Oluchiri.

Mercy Mwende, COO of Mindful Kenya, praised Christian’s efforts and emphasized the significance of prioritizing mental health from a young age.

Christian views climbing Mt. Kenya as a metaphor for the importance of mental health, in addition to physical challenges.

Christian views climbing Mt. Kenya as a metaphor for the importance of mental health awareness and assistance in school.

This is a call to action for schools and communities to promote mental wellbeing and help adolescents in these important areas of their lives.

Christian compares mental wellness to his favorite sport: chess.

“In chess, every piece is vital, just as is everyone’s mental health. Feeling sad or terrified can be challenging, similar to playing chess. However, every game has a winning strategy; we only need to uncover it. When I play chess, I meticulously plan my moves to win. Similarly, improving mental health requires a plan. Says the eleven-year-old

This hike not only promotes physical fitness but also emphasizes the significance of mental well-being.

It is about removing the stigma and cultivating an environment of openness and support.

The campaign seeks to spark conversations, foster empathy, and promote understanding, paving the way for a world in which mental health is as important as physical health.

Ascending Mt. Kenya, these folks convey a message of resilience, hope, and mental health awareness.

Their path inspires and demonstrates how support, understanding, and a sense of community can help overcome personal problems.

This varied group’s journey to the peak not only raises awareness for mental health, but also breaks barriers and builds a network of support and understanding.

Their journey serves as a strong reminder that it’s normal to struggle and that seeking help is a show of strength.

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