The new season will feature Bensoul, Fena Gitu, Boutross, Sage, Mayonde and many more from across Africa.

The third season of VIP Access, a show that showcases and celebrates the musicians and cultural trendsetters of Africa, is set to premiere on September 5.

The show hosted by top African music publicist and media entrepreneur, Anyiko Owoko, will showcase 17 African stars drawn from Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Lesotho and The Netherlands in its new season. 

The weekly audio/visual podcast will feature a cross-section of acclaimed African storytellers, songwriters, hitmakers and showstoppers. They include Tanzanian Hip Hop artist and wordsmith Fredrick Mulla a.k.a Master Manondo alongside his Kenyan Umoja Sounds group member Provoke – also a renowned music producer and executive.

Lesotho Soul singer Leomile alongside South African Venda-Folk singer Muneyi and Kenyan percussionist, drummer and singer Kasiva Mutua have a longstanding relationship with African folktales. They will address how African folktales provide meaning and healing through music and storytelling. 

South African singer and performer Bongeziwe Mabandla will also feature on the show alongside soulful Kenyan singers and performers including Fena Gitu, Mayonde and Sage. Kenyan Hip Hop movers and shakers: Boutross, Kayvo KForce and Vallerie Muthoni will also join the season alongside soulful Rhumba and R&B singers: Ambasa Mandela, Yaba and Bensoul. Kenyan singer, designer and psychologist based in Amsterdam Steve Biko a.k.a Biko O2O is a man-about-town. He will share his experience living abroad and juggling careers while dismantling what it means to redefine masculinity.

The first 4 episodes of VIP ACCESS were shot in South Africa with the support of Gauteng Tourism and Akum Agency. They feature BONJ, Muneyi, Bongeziwe Mabandla and Leomile.

Their music style, genres of choice and knack for storytelling through their art defies the normal, proudly and boldly representing independent artists, alternative music and the sanctity of live music performance.

How they broke into the music industry and achieved success makes the introductory episodes a perfect soundboard for creatives who haven’t yet established strong brands and are struggling to find their identity. 

It’s a powerful season that will inspire, educate and once again celebrate African achievement and originality. While all artists on the podcast will be sharing expert and personal tips and tricks to making it in various facets of the game; Bongeziwe Mabandla, Fena Gitu, Bensoul, Yaba, Kasiva, Kayvo KForce and Boutross will exclusively dive into their latest albums.

Sage, Mayonde, Yaba and Ambasa Mandela will get vulnerable recalling industry highs and lows; particularly citing what made them get back on their feet after a hiatus or difficulty. 

YouTube users can now request to get notified when scheduled VIP ACCESS episodes premiere while Apple Podcasts paid subscribers will soon be able to access early episodes and bonus shows. 

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