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State to beef up security in Transmara

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has said the Government will beef up security in Transmara for the region to prosper and benefit from development policies of the Kenya Kwanza administration.

Speaking on Sunday at OlMotonyi Primary School in Lolgorian, Kilgoris Narok County during an Interdenominational Church Service and fundraiser for 21 churches, the Deputy President said security was crucial in every part of the country promising residents of the Government’s readiness to ensure their safety.

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“We will provide more vehicles to the officers as requested by the leaders here because it is important to ensure officers respond faster to cases of insecurity,” said the DP.

The DP said Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki will sit down with area leaders to find long-lasting solutions to insecurity issues in the area.

The Deputy President also said the Government is procuring milk coolers for every ward in Narok for value addition so that dairy farmers can earn more from their milk.

“We have increased milk prices and now it is Sh50 per litre. We will ensure the prices go up from here. We are also building a leather factory where farmers will supply skins and fetch better prices,” said the DP adding that they will not relent to push reforms in the dairy sector.

Mr Gachagua also said farmers in Narok have also benefited from subsidized fertilisers distributed by the government saying they will continue with the subsidy programme in a bid to reduce the cost of production for more produce and higher earnings.

The DP assured that the government will continue conserving the Mau forest dismissing critics who have accused the administration of failing to do so.

“Before elections, the President was accused by his detractors of not being interested in conservation of Mau Forest but he appointed Environment and Climate Change Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya from Narok and she has been doing an exemplary job in the conservation of the forest and others in the country,” he said.

The Deputy President also defended the Government’s planned deployment of police officers on a peace-keeping mission in Haiti saying their professionalism had been recognised globally.

However, he added that Parliament’s approval will be sought before their deployment.

“We are deploying our police force because our forces have been recognised as a professional force which will help the people of Haiti.

The United Nations Security Council has identified our forces as ideal for the peace-keeping mission in Haiti and we will send 1000 police officers who will be fully resourced and funded by the United Nations,” the DP stated.

Leaders who accompanied the DP praised the Government for focusing on uniting and developing the country.

Former Narok Governor Samuel Ole Tunai said the Kenya Kwanza administration was united and focused on serving the people.

“We are happy because the President has an able Deputy President who is fully assisting the President to implement the Kenya Kwanza manifesto,” he said.

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah said they were working with the Executive to ensure passage of people-friendly Bills in Parliament.

“The President and Deputy President are leading us in uniting all communities so that no one feels left out in Government and in development. We are ready in Parliament to pass Bills that will hasten development in every part of this country,” he said.

Narok Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu thanked the Deputy President for his frequent visits to the county saying they will not tire to welcome him.

“We are extremely grateful to the Deputy President for always finding time to visit us here in Narok. We will not tire of welcoming him to our county because he is always here on matters of development,” the Governor said.

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei thanked the DP for being accessible and working for the development of the whole country.

“We are happy with the Deputy President because he is tirelessly working for all Kenyans. We are proud of him

The President and the Deputy President are like conjoined twins. They were elected to serve Kenyans and we are solidly behind them,” the senator said.

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