The third leg of the highly anticipated 2023 Tusker Oktobafest regional events in Mombasa concluded with resounding success over the past weekend, showcasing a vibrant tapestry of East African culture. 

Beyond the captivating celebrations, the event’s profound positive impact on the coastal city was palpable, touching various aspects of the local community. 

The two-day event featured a carefully crafted lineup of Kenyan artists who enthralled the crowd with their captivating performances. Jovial, Mejja, Fena Gitu, and the promising talent, Lexxie, who emerged from the Tusker Nexters talent search, sponsored by the Tusker brand. Guiding the musical journey were DJ Joe Mfalme, DJ Mish, and DJ Most Wanted. The artist lineup was diverse, providing both male and female performers with an opportunity to showcase their incredible talents, while also offering a platform for up-and-coming artists like Lexxie.  

“I am incredibly grateful for the unwavering support and opportunities that Tusker has provided throughout my musical journey. Being a product of the Tusker Nexters talent search was a game-changer, and their continued support has helped me grow as an artist. Tusker has not just been a brand; it’s been a valuable and impactful partner in my growing career,” said Lexxie. 

The event also left a significant positive impact on businesses around the region. Local businesses thrived, benefiting from the surge in customer activity across various sectors of transport, hospitality, and food among others. The event was a testament to the promise of Oktobafest’s commitment to leave a positive imprint on each region it touches. 

The Mombasa event marked the third regional instalment of the Tusker Oktobafest, setting the stage for the main Oktobafest events in the East African region. Prior regional events in Kisumu and Naivasha set the tone, but Mombasa took the celebration of Kenyan music, beer, dance, fashion, gaming, and food to new heights. 

This year’s edition of Tusker Oktobafest has been dedicated to an authentic celebration of the region’s unique cultural identity. It seeks to highlight and celebrate the rich tapestry of East African culture through a blend of food, music, fashion, art, and gaming, with beer as the uniting factor. It’s an invitation to everyone out there to come see How We Do all things culture in East Africa as we gear up to the ultimate celebration at Ngong racecourse from 27th to 28th October.  

The success of the Mombasa leg of the 2023 Tusker Oktobafest is a testament to the event’s ability to bring people together, promote local businesses, and offer a platform for emerging talents. 

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