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U.S.-Based organization delivers emergency supplies to aid Kenya’s flood victims


A number of organizations, both local and international, have expressed willingness to work with the government to help mitigate the impact of ongoing floods.

The Healthcare Extension, Promotion & Training Organization (HEPTO), an organization from the United States with offices in Nairobi, is among the agencies that have heeded the appeal for support.

The Kenya Red Cross Society has indicated that about 90 people have lost their lives due to the flooding, with more cases expected. Over 136,000 people have been displaced due to the flooding.

“We have watched the suffering of our people in most parts of the country, and have heard the governments- both national and counties, I believe we will play our part in helping Kenyans that are affected,” Hepto lead officer in Nairobi Florence Lintari said

“Not so long ago, we played a significant role in donating foodstuffs and water to drought families in parts of Kenya, including the Eastern and Coast regions. When challenges such as these come, we are called to action,” added Ms Lintari

She indicated that, among other things, the organization is providing medical support, mainly treatment and supply of drugs to affected families owing to the fact that it is a health-inclined organization.

“Our primary focus is on managing emerging and re-emerging diseases, chronic disease, mental health, surgical services, maternity, and nutrition but we go further to intervene in situations that prompt the emergence of such diseases, that’s why we provide foodstuffs, water, and clothing as part of our mission,” noted Lintari

This comes at a time hundreds of families have been displaced, and their property destroyed in recent weeks following heavy El Nino rains that are pounding most parts of the country.

Roads have been rendered impassable, communication networks cut, and food and essential supplies such as water and medical are unable to reach affected areas, especially in the North Eastern, Coast, and Eastern regions.

Residents in the Western and Nyanza region have also been affected by the overflowing of Rivers Nyando, Yala, and Nzoia, reported recently.

The heavy downpour has swept away livestock and destroyed crops in some parts of the country. Infrastructure such as roads and bridges have also been destroyed in some areas.

The government has announced emergency response measures to reduce the impact of destruction and save lives and property, which include delivery of supplies to areas that have been cut off by floods, provision of medicine and water, and provision of alternative routes to the roads that have been washed away.

The government is urging international development partners to channel their support to help reduce the severity of the situation.

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