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Uber rolls out new products to enhance consumer convenience  

Uber has announced the launch of Uber Reserve, which allows riders to book trips for upcoming travel up to 90 days in advance. The company has also announced the roll out of its mobility delivery product, Uber Package.

These offerings signify Uber’s commitment to providing enhanced convenience, tailored solutions, and economic opportunities for consumers and businesses in Kenya.

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“We are thrilled to introduce Uber Reserve and Uber Package in Kenya,” said Imran Manji, Head of East Africa at Uber. “These innovative products showcase our commitment to delivering solutions that enhance convenience, support local businesses, and create economic opportunities in Kenya.”

Uber Reserve empowers users to plan their transportation well ahead of time, eliminating the uncertainties of last minute bookings and contributing to a seamless and stress free travel experience. Additionally, the product includes a reminder system that ensures riders are well-prepared for their upcoming trips, offering peace of mind and convenience.

Uber Package has been launched to cater to the delivery needs of individuals and small businesses, in a secure and efficient manner. The product will have specially assigned drivers to the product, in a move designed to enhance overall delivery reliability. Consumers have the option to select between Uber Package Moto, which allows for deliveries of small sized parcels on motorcycles or Uber Package Car, which caters for the dispatch of large items through an Uber Chapchap vehicle.

As ridesharing becomes a way of life for more people, Uber never stops raising the bar on safety and these new products are no exception. Uber recently launched Safety Check-up which encourages riders to complete their safety profile by turning on and utilising the available features such as Trusted Contacts, PIN verification and RideCheck. Riders using Uber Package can secure their deliveries by activating PIN verification and ensuring that

The roll out of these products in Kenya aligns with Uber’s vision to reimagine how the world moves  for the better by providing mobility solutions that cater to the needs of individuals, businesses and communities.

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