Kenyan US-born vlogger has left some section of Kenyans online in shock after she shared a cheque of 90M online.

Sharing the clip of her depositing the money at a local bank, she said she had gotten the money after “closing a deal.” She also said that she was going “house shopping” as she had fallen in love with Kenya and wanted to make it her primary home.

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Given the state of the economy, it comes as no surprise that Kenyans online were taken aback with many sharing “kumbe Kenya kuna pesa.” 

Yvonne has been living in the country for the past couple of months and has not shied away from sharing videos of her home life as well as shopping sprees. In one TikTok video, Mugure took her followers on a shopping spree in which she spent a whopping KSh. 75,000 on what she called “house necessities” at a local supermarket.

While many are happy about the state of her economy, they share concerns that the video will do nothing but bring the Kenya Revenue Authority right to her doorstep.

As seen on Twitter
As seen on Twitter

Mugure, however, has shared with her fans that she runs multiple businesses in the United States and that she continues to shuttle back and forth for business purposes.

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