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Water PS presides over planting of tree seedlings on Koiwa riparian land

Water and Sanitation PS Dr. Kipronoh Rono unveiling a newly constructed CBC Classroom at Koiwa Boys High School, Konoini Sub-county, Bomet County.

Water and Sanitation PS Dr. Kipronoh Rono has underscored the importance of tree planting in a bid to mitigate climate change.

Dr. Rono was speaking at Koiwa Boys High School in Konoin sub-county, where he presided over the planting of 2,500 bamboo and numerous avocado seedlings along the Koiwa springs, within the school land.

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The PS encouraged students and members of the community to take ownership of their environment and actively participate in such initiatives for a sustainable future.

“We need to protect water catchment areas countrywide for the sake of our future generations, we are planning to plant at least 15 billion trees in the next five years as per the presidential directive, this needs to start with us and trickle down to the ground,” he explained.

Dr. Rono further urged the students to dare to dream and set their visions higher and higher, ensuring they reach their full aspirations for posterity.

“The government has set aside almost Ksh. 600 billion, which is around 27 percent of the national budget for education, therefore, I want to challenge students here today to dare dream, you are our future leaders, you should focus to achieve your goals,” he reiterated.

During the event, Water Resources Authority (WRA) CEO Mohamed Shurie presented a certificate of adoption to the school, recognizing their dedication to preserving the invaluable Koiwa Springs in their vicinity.

The school vowed to continue safeguarding and cultivating water-friendly trees, hence laying the foundation for future sustainable water resources.

Shurie echoed a critical message, “Water does not simply flow from taps, it originates from catchments.”

The CEO urged every citizen to embrace the responsibility of conserving and protecting these essential ecosystems.

Emphasizing the importance of clean and abundant water, he called on Kenyans to sow the seeds of change by planting as many water-friendly trees as possible.

Meanwhile, the PS, who was the chief guest demonstrated the unwavering government’s commitment to environmental conservation by donating 10,000 avocado seedlings to various community groups, Water Resources User Associations (WRUAs), and neighboring schools, symbolizing a collective step towards nurturing a greener and more sustainable future.

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