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Chinese economy shows ‘good momentum of recovery’ with 5.5% GDP growth...

CGTN China's gross domestic product grew by 5.5 percent year on year in the first half of 2023, indicating a "good momentum of recovery" in...

Healthy food choices for adolescents

Kenya has made a significant stride as it officially introduced its 1st Kenya Adolescent Health Survey and Community Handbook last Friday. Adolescents aged between 10-19...

Kithaitho kya Mwatu: Ame mwiai ndilikane

Elikana aina iveti ili, Venina na Ana. Mayikalania, Venina aina syana indi Ana ndainasyo.

Xi stresses advancing high-quality development of internet and information technology sector

XINHUA Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, Chinese president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, has given...

Ūndūire Witū: Ciūrīa na macokio

Ūndūire_witū GĪTOOĪ KĪMENYAGA KĪERWO ūgīterebwo nī mūtabania Martin Ndungu wa Kamande tūcokerio ciūrīa na tūtonywo ndūgīra nī mūtonyi witū Awa #Chief_Michael_Kanyonga_wa_Mūkono

The Executive Board: Digital lending in Kenya

Mobile or Digital lending is common in Kenya. What are the highs and lows? Wamoyi Masila speaks to the Chairman of the Digital Financial Services Association of Kenya (DFSAK) Kelvin Mutiso.

Matukio ya Taifa: Rais William Ruto amekashifu maandamano ya Azimio

Rais William Ruto amekashifu ghasia maandamano ya hapo jana yaliyosababisha vifo na majeraha na uharibifu wa mali nchini.

Newsline: President Ruto condemns Azimio demonstrations

President William Ruto has condemned the injuries and destruction caused by Azimio Coalition protests that were yesterday held in the country.

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia again has the name of Patrice...

SPUTNIK Sputnik International Multimedia Press Center in Moscow hosted a roundtable discussion on Russia-Africa: Media Cooperation and Media Sovereignty. The discussion was attended by Sergei Kochetkov,...

China’s foreign trade in goods up 2.1% in first half

CGTN China's foreign trade grew by 2.1 percent year-on-year to 20.1 trillion yuan ($2.8 trillion) in the first half of 2023, data from the General...