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Authorities in Turkana to return 65 livestock stolen from Jie Uganda

Authorities in Turkana have recovered 65 livestock units and 20 goats alleged to have been stolen from the Jie community of Uganda along the common Kenya-Uganda border in Letea Ward.

Turkana County Commissioner Julius Kavita announced that the animals will be returned to Uganda in a bid to address the escalating conflict and prevent possible retaliatory raids.

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At a meeting with the community in Loreng, Letea Ward, Commissioner Kavita reiterated the government’s commitment to address cross-border peace through continuous engagement with the communities of the neighboring countries and the need to abandon the cattle rustling traditions that have exposed the areas to never-ending insecurity.

According to the commissioner, the cattle were recovered through the elaborate network of police reservists and Rangeland Management Committees, a community resource established by USAID NAWIRI to encourage cross-border peace through shared utilization of pasture and water resources between Turkana and their international neighbors.

The Commissioner warned bandits camoflaging their heinous acts as cattle rustling traditions that stern measures would be taken against them, including, but not limited to, life imprisonment.

“I want you to know that we have partnered with USAID NAWIRI and the Kenya Red Cross Society in finding a lasting solution to conflict through peacebuilding initiatives targeting USAID NAWIRI-targeted villages of interventions within the county,” Commissioner Kavita said.

County Chief Officer for Gender and Youth Affairs, Joseph Epuu, said that plans were underway to connect the USAID NAWIRI-established boy and girl groups with inclusive funds offered by the county under the Biashara funds and women and youth funds.

Chief Officer Epuu insisted that Governor Lomorukai was keen on ensuring peaceful co-existence between Turkana and all their international neighbors, as evidenced by the participation of the county in finding solutions to banditry and cattle rustling.

Similarly, the return of stolen livestock initiative targets to bank on efforts by USAID NAWIRI in capacity building of Rangeland Management Committees members on early warning and early response to conflicts.

Senior Natural Resource Management and Peace Building Officer at USAID NAWIRI, Sericho Lokolong, reiterated NAWIRIs’ commitment to supporting peacebuilding efforts by both the county and national governments through rangeland management and ward planning committees.

Residents of Loreng welcomed the idea, saying that they had intentionally let the stolen cattle be returned to the Jie community of Uganda to pacify the area and create a conducive environment for peace and trade to prevail.

The residents also expressed hopes that the Ugandan authorities would adopt the same approach and return livestock stolen from the Turkana community by the Jie.

The Loreng meeting was attended by the entire County security team, Turkana West Sub County National Government Administrative Officers (NGAO) and, representatives of the County Government.

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