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Boost for Kenya’s e-mobility push as Roam introduces new bus

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Kenya’s e-mobility firm, Roam, has introduced its latest electric shuttle bus dedicated to inter-city transport services.

Roam Country Sales Executive Dennis Wakaba says Roam Move shuttle bus combines both technology and environmental consciousness to deliver efficient transport with zero emissions that is tipped to cut overreliance on imported fossil fuels and promote domestic energy utilization.

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“We are thrilled to introduce ‘The Roam Move,’ Kenya’s very own electric shuttle bus. This achievement aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering sustainable transportation solutions that make a positive impact on our environment and our communities,” said Wakaba,

The 51-seater Roam Move shuttle bus boasts spacious aisles and comfort able seating that is efficient for a working environment as well as a quiet ride that reduces noise pollution in densely populated areas.

The bus also has cutting –edge safety features such as collision avoidance systems, advanced driver assistance and robust structural integrity.

It is also equipped with 170kwh battery pack and an operating cost that are 50pc lower attributing it  to its exemption from expensive maintenance and its streamlined construction with fewer moving parts hence minimizing downtime  leading to substantial savings amounting to Ksh 35 per kilometer journeyed .

“The launch of this electric shuttle bus represents not only a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainability but also a testament to the talent and potential within Kenya’s manufacturing industry,” added Wakaba.

Roam Move is the firm’s second type of bus developed from the ground up in Kenya, the first being Roam Rapid, an electric mass transit bus.

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