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Bumula legislator underscores critical role played by technical training institutions


There is no doubt that Technical and Vocational Educational Training (TVET) centres play crucial roles in the manufacturing, infrastructure, science, technology and innovation sectors as highlighted in various blueprints.

The countrywide demand and interest for technical expertise has led to an all-out approach by the government and various leaders to invest in the establishment of technical institutions.

This has been evident in Bumula Constituency as area MP Jack Wanami Wamboka puts spirited efforts to rescue the stagnated Musakasa TTI that was on its knees. The TVET like many others had been left in abject neglect with stalled projects, student dropouts, aspects of mismanagement and reduced funding.

To address the problem, Wamboka embarked on ensuring the TVET is accredited with modern marketable courses, mobilized over 1,000 Bumula youths to enroll in the institute and held meetings with management to share on his plans. Further, the MP on Monday delivered a 1.78 million shillings cheque towards newly admitted students and a further 609,000 shillings for restoring the water system in the school.

“We have embarked on a turnaround project with emphasis on building the capacity of the institute and modern practical skills as opposed to theories while working closely with the Ministry of education and partners to ensure Musakasa produce technical experts that are in line with the ever-changing job market,” he said.

The school population had been on a decline dropping to just about 200 students thus affecting it’s adherence to the set standards, government disbursement and general operations.

Wamboka sasys he has engaged trelevant offices and stakeholders to address the issues that have been ailing Musakasa even as he called on the community to support his initiatives.

“Majority of our youths who don’t qualify to join universities are littered in our villages, I encourage them to join this facility and get the needed skills. We have prioritized our bursaries for those joining our Institutions in addition to the support from KUCCPS, TVET Authority, HELB and other partners to ensure the facility comes back to life.” Said Wamboka