Bringing African folktales to life

By BBC Folktales and the art of traditional storytelling are in danger of being lost and Nairobi-based performer Maïmouna Jallow is on a mission to reverse the trend. But on her journey to revive the...

Kenya launches treatment protocol for substance use disorders

By Margaret Kalekye The Kenyan government has launched a revised “National Protocol for Treatment of Substance Use Disorders, 2017.” The Ministry of Health says the protocol will standardize and enhance the delivery of drug treatment services...

Kenyan invents, patents “world’s first” pedal boat

By Ruth Wamboi As countries take steps to go green with the aim of reducing emissions, innovations that are powered by alternative means other than fossil fuels are on the rise. Kenya is among nations...

China’s achievements and experience in poverty alleviation

By Eric Biegon in Sichuan, China  “We must eradicate the poverty that exists in our minds before we can eradicate it in the regions we govern before we can help the people and the nation...

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