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City Hall conducts review of amended County Alcoholic Drinks Control Licensing Act

County Executive, Business and Hustler Opportunities, Maureen Njeri (left) with Chief Officer, Business and Hustler Opportunities, Zipporah Mwangi (right) and Rhoda Otieno (centre) Director, Nairobi Liquor and Licensing during the Naivasha workshop.

The Nairobi Liquor Control and Licensing Section of the Business and Hustlers Opportunities Sector, this week led by the County Executive Maureen Njeri and representation from the County Attorney’s office, reviewed the amended Nairobi County Alcoholic Drinks control licensing Act 2014 at a workshop in Naivasha.

Maureen Njeri, the County Executive, Business and Hustler Opportunities said the team spent time analysing and synthesizing the proposed amendments; Prepare a final draft amendment bill for presentation to the County Executive Committee Members for approval and to review the public participation report on zoning of areas for operation of night clubs.

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“We used the opportunity to engage and agree on mechanisms that ought to be put in place to ensure improved efficiency in the delivery of services to Nairobians by the entire liquor control and licensing team.” She said

City Hall says the team spearheaded by CECM Njeri managed to; Finalise amendments to the bill and synthesize and make recommendations of the public participation reports on night clubs zoning and rehabilitation centers. This will create an opportunity to better align and streamline structures for the Liquor Licensing operations and ensure an efficient legal framework for Liquor control and licensing as well as a better framework for multi-sectoral approach to handling noise pollution issues from liquor outlets.

“Equally we will ensure all the related sectors are defined in the review of the Act and are adequately engaged in the implementation for effective operations. Hence the involvement of all relevant sectors of the county will be critical in enhancing service delivery and streamlining operations; especially in lieu of the forthcoming decentralization of services through the

Five Administrative Boroughs (Central,East, West, North and South),” said County Executive for Boroughs, Mr Patrick Mbogo,

Participants included teams from Nairobi County; County Executive Boroughs and Administration,  Mr. Patrick Mbogo, Mike Rabar, The Liquor Board Chair, Zipporah Mwangi, County Chief Officer, Business and Hustler Opportunities, Rhoda Otieno; Director, Liquor Control and Licensing Section, NACADA, The  County’s  Planning, Public Participation and Environment departments, County Attorneys’ office and a Consultant.

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