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CS Nakhumicha oversee the distribution of mosquito nets in Meru and Isiolo Counties

In an effort aimed at curbing the effects of floods which have ravaged several parts of the Country, Cabinet Secretary for Health Nakhumicha S. Wafula presided over the distribution of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Treated Nets (LLINs) to the residents of both Isiolo and Meru Counties on Saturday.

The exercise whose goal is to distribute 15.3 million nets to approximately 23 million people in 22 high malaria burden Counties also saw the CS deliver food supplements, including porridge flour for kids and the hunger safety net cheque worth Kshs 37,203,300,  to families adversely affected by floods in Isiolo County

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“It gives me great pleasure being in these parts of the Country to perform roles expected of us by you as assigned by President William Ruto.This morning at Ngaremana In Isiolo County we’ve delivered 25,000 mosquito nets besides other goodies which will go along way in cushioning Kenyans adversely affected by the floods. Here in Tigania West,with me is 10,000 nets which will be shared amongst yourselves today. As a government, we’re aware of this disaster and we’re putting in place all stringent measures to curb human losses and further destruction of property” she said

This is part of the government’s sustained effort to reduce the burden of malaria in the country,where the disease remains a significant health burden  causing an estimated 4.4 million cases and 12,000 deaths in 2019.

While cautioning area locals over unwanted early pregnancies amongst teens,Nakhumicha rallied behind use of protection as one way of curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS infections.

“When I visited Nyambene Sub-County Hospital yesterday after commemoration of World AIDS Day, I was surprised to find out that a 10 year and 17 year old had been impregnated and this is retrogressive thus should stop.Preventing pregnancy among adolescents and pregnancy-related mortality and morbidity are foundational to achieving positive health outcomes across the life course and imperative for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to maternal and newborn health” added Nakhumicha

A National Syndemic Disease Control Council [NSDCC) survey shows that between January and May,out of 15,389 expectant mothers who sought antenatal services in Meru,3999 were adolescents aged between 10 and 19 representing 26 percent;the highest percent of teenage pregnancies in the country.

Host Member of Parliament who also serves as the chairman of the National Assembly Agriculture Committee John Mutunga while lauding the Government in its concrete plan to restore food security urged the Ministry on Agriculture to educate farmers on modern farming techniques and incentivized to grow alternatives to staple crops.

“At Parliament and in my capacity as Agriculture Committee Chairman we’re working on possible legislative proposals and mechanisms to adress the problem of food shortage in the country. But I want to call upon the government to capitalise on the heavy rains and help tap water into the
Nguthiro Laingo dam as this would be significant to local farmers in irrigation. We’ve had a problem of Insecurity around this place and I appeal to CS Kindiki to get us a police station that will help contain this malpractice” noted Dr Mutunga who was assured by CS Nakhumicha over subsequent plans of putting up a health facility at Limoro to adress challenges of women walking for long to seek maternal care

Others present during a series of functions were Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi,his counterpart from Labour and Social Protection Florence Bore among other local leaders.

This is part of Kenya Kwanza’s One Government Approach where President Dr. William Ruto is rooting for constructive synergy among state agencies as a viable means of deploying the respective leadership capacities to address the issues that matter to Kenyans.

“We must be capable of coordinating effectively towards the realisation of our shared aspiration: the well-being of every citizen and their socioeconomic uplift through a radical transformation of governance and the economy”, said President Ruto earlier this year months after taking over reigns of power.

Isiolo and Meru Counties are among the regions affected by the ongoing floods due to heavy rainfall with respective area bosses partnering with Kenya Defence Forces to distribute food and non-food items to victims of the calamity.

To counter the tragedy going forward,Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Interior and National Administration Dr Raymond Omollo said the government had launched a Command Centre for Flood Emergency Response and Communication at Nyayo House in Nairobi to document cases to ensure the public is sensitized

He said the centre would complement multi-agency teams to alert the public and help in mitigating the floods.  

So far,136 lives have been claimed with a number of households displaced by the raging floods remaining the same at 94,232 while 462,160 persons have been displaced.

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