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CyberPro taps academia to counter online threats

CyberPro Global has partnered with the University of Nairobi and the Kenya School of Government to help bridge the skill gap in cybersecurity in Africa and secure the county’s digital future.

CyberPro Global Interim Chairman Noah Muna said they plan to offer cybersecurity education and advocate for a safe cyber space considering both the private and public sector are affected by these cyber crimes.

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“The Partnership between government and academia industry will amplify our message for the greater good of the digital world,“ he said.

The firm aims to collaborate with the public and private sector for set up a National Cyber Security and Research Centre that will provide research and innovative tools which will go a long way in providing privacy for data in organizations.

CyberPro says it will also collaborate with the private and public sector who will offer policy and regulatory perspective while they offer the tools and resources.

According to EC Council Director, Sanjiv Sharma cyber threats are ever evolving from traditional computing to the current that is cloud based and this has become very challenging to combat since there rate of cyber security threats grow at a rate of 20pc yearly with Block chain and Artificial Intelligence being the most affected.

“These problems are caused by limited education, lack of awareness and economic challenges which lead to under investment in sector. With the median age being 20 years there is need for awareness and training which they can tap into the huge opportunities in Cybersecurity,” said Sharma .

There is an increasing need of skills in the cyber space as it is prevalent to attacks from emerging trends like phishing attacks, artificial intelligence, privacy regulations, ransom ware attacks e.t.c, and most of these crimes are perpetrated by the youths thus making it hard to combat.

Institutions have been called upon to beware of their digital footprints and keep track of the evolving techniques in order to conquer the cyber threats

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