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DP Gachagua dismisses claims of alleged split in government

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has dismissed claims of alleged infighting in the Kenya Kwanza Administration, saying the Government is united in delivering on its promise to the people.

Mr Gachagua said as the Principal Assistant of the President, he has a responsibility of calling to order, any Government official, if they go wrong.

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Last week, Deputy President asked public servants to communicate with Kenyans with respect, empathy and humility.

This was after Trade and Investment Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria responded to Kenyans in a way that many considered unfriendly. Kenyans were concerned with the high cost of fuel.

Based on the guidance of the Deputy President, it was claimed that there were misunderstandings between him and Mr Kuria.

Mr Gachagua spoke during the burial of Field Marshall Muthoni Kirima – a heroine who was at the forefront during the struggle for independence.

“I made the statement as the Deputy President of Kenya. I was guiding Moses Kuria and other leaders on how to communicate with the people. He had veered off. As a leader, I told him to come back on track.  There is no way a Deputy President can be at war with the people working under him. It is my responsibility to guide and give directions to all leaders in the government who in one way or another may get out of track. Please understand that we are working as one unit led by our President William Ruto. We are together and united; there is no crack in our Government,” he said.

The Deputy President said there will be no changes in the composition of the Cabinet soon.

He warned the few people trying to distabilise the country to stop violence.

“We cannot negotiate with outlawed criminal gangs. They must denounce violence then we can have a discussion,” he said.

The Deputy President was answering Maina Njenga of Azimio Coalition and former leader of outlawed Mungiki criminal gang, who said he was ready for talks with the Government to sort any issues, which are leading to his alleged arrests from time to time.

Responding to opposition leaders on the high cost of living, Mr Gachagua said Kenya has little to do with the increased fuel prices but the Ruto Administration is working to improve the situation.

He called for patience from Kenyans.

In a message delivered by Mr Gachagua, President William Ruto described Field Marshal as the heroine who has taught other leaders what it means to sacrifice for the Nation.

On his part, the Deputy President eulogised the heroine as a gallant freedom fighter who fought side by side with Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi in the Mt. Kenya and Aberdare forests to deliver freedom from colonialists.

“We recall with pride and sheer admiration, her exploits in leading the land and freedom army after the capture of freedom Hero Dedan Kimathi, whom she served as his personal assistant, after he was betrayed by collaborators,” he said.

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