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Drug abuse: Pastor Dorcas visits those in rehabilitation centres

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi Thursday evening went to check on the welfare of some under the boy child program under her office who are enrolled for inpatient rehabilitation in Limuru.

Pastor Dorcas intertwines such personalized visits to the boy child program to encourage those who seek freedom from alcohol, drug and substance abuse.

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During the visit to a rehabilitation centre in Limuru, she found the cohort engrossed in breakout sessions on different aspects of deaddicition led by counsellors and psychologists.

She actively engaged in the classes, asking questions and engaging in hearty conversations with beneficiaries of the boy child program.

She also encouraged all beneficiaries, and those taking part in the great work of fighting addictions.

“Some of you are husbands and fathers, and I do not want you to die before your time. I want you to live long and bring up your families,” she told those in the program.

She also told of her quest to learn how to speak the ‘sheng language’ to better communicate with the boys and men in the streets.

“Sheng is not our mother tongue but ‘our tongue’. I am teaching myself sheng to better communicate with my boy children, and we can understand each other,” said Pastor Dorcas.

She encouraged the beneficiaries that the first step into getting healed from addiction, which is a disease, is accepting, then the healing process begins.

She was warmly received by the founder of the rehabilitation centre, Mr Omollo.

Pastor Dorcas visited the Limuru rehabilitation centre enroute from Nakuru where she had attended a pastors conference and open air crusade.

The office of the Deputy President is running preventive and curative rehabilitation programs against alcohol, drug and substance abuse.

The preventive program is carried out in schools in collaboration with NACADA to inform students on the dangers of alcohol, drug and substance abuse.

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