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Finance Bill 2024: Koskei, North Rift MPs say revenue needed to sustain government operations

The leaders says there is a lot of misconception about Finance Bill 2024, even as they reiterate proposals therein are good of the country's long-term economic sustainability


A section of leaders from the North Rift Region has defended the Finance Bill 2024 saying it will help the government raise revenue to fund essential public services.

Amid concerns that the Bill contains tax proposals that will overburden the ordinary citizen, the lawmakers insist it is good, particularly as it will ensure Kenya’s long-term economic sustainability.

“There is a lot of misconception about Finance Bill 2024. I want to assure the country that it is for the good of the nation. We have to raise revenue so that we can run the affairs of this country,” said Mosop MP Abraham Kirwa

Kirwa argued that the Budget Policy Statement for 2024-2025 was a clear testament that the country needed to raise more revenue.

“We just read the budget of Ksh.3.92 Trillion. This is a lot of money we are anticipating to spend. To raise this money we have to pass this Finance bill so that we can get money to run the country’s affairs,” argued the lawmaker

His sentiments received support from Aldai Legislator Maryanne Kitany, who says even though the economic times are tough, the new law is necessary for the government to meet its economic objectives.

“Ingawaje maisha ni ngumu na budget yetu ni ngumu, ni mpaka tujilishe. Nchi yenye inaweza kujilisha ni nchi inajipenda,” noted Kitany

Head of Public Service Felix Koskei backed the sentiments of the MPs and assured the country that the monies raised from taxes would be put to good use.

“Once it (the Finance Bill 2024) is passed, the government will ensure that the taxes collected as a result will not be misappropriated or lost through corruption. We have agreed and the President has directed that we are not going to tolerate corruption in Kenya,” he said