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First cohort of rehabilitated men in Mathira Constituency green environment

The first cohort of rehabilitated men in Ngorano, Mathira Constituency has established a tree nursery with 300,000 tree seedlings.

The Program Officer OSDP in charge of Mount Kenya Region, Bishop Barnabas Mpekethi said the group was working towards planting 500, 000 tree seedlings.

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Bishop Mpekethi invited Kenyans to buy tree seedlings from the Kiamariga tree nursery established by the rehabilitated men, saying it would motivate them through the post-rehabilitation and reintegration phase back to society.

“We call on Kenyans to support the rehabilitated boys by buying tree seedlings from this expansive nursery, as a nation we work towards greening the environment in line with the Presidential target of growing 15 billion trees by the year 2032,” said Bishop Mpekethi.

Bishop Mpekethi hopes the end-to-end rehabilitation program will be replicated in other parts of the country, and help rescue thousands lost in alcohol, cocaine, bhang, miraa, and chain smokers among others.

“Here at the Kiamariga tree nursery, we have exotic and indigenous tree seedlings ready for planting. The recovering men from addiction has worked tirelessly to establish this nursery, and I urge Kenyans, whenever they are planting trees, to purchase from such transformative initiatives,” said Bishop Mpekethi.

Samuel Gachini and Augustine Nyaga, who were busy working at the Kiamariga tree nursery called on the youth in the country to keep off drugs to protect their bodies, lives and families from their harmful effects.

The office of the Deputy President (ODP) through the office of the spouse of the Deputy President (OSDP) has in addition grown more than 300,000 trees in different parts of the country.

The OSDP has incorporated tree planting in her different programs that touch on the boy child, widows and orphans, and people with disabilities and founded on chaplaincy and family values.

The OSDP is also working with a group of widows in Loitoktok who have planted 60,000 healthy tree seedlings.

The widows are also working to increase number to 500,000 tree seedlings.

Pastor Dorcas envisions a dignified future for thousands addicted to alcohol, drugs and substances.

She advocates for an end-to-end solution for those in addictions, that includes; rehabilitation, skilling, reskilling and retooling, and connection to jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities – reducing the risk of relapse to the destructive behavior.

Other post-rehabilitation and reintegration programs undertaken by rehabilitated men under the boy child program include welding, farming, construction and driving.

A team of six rehabilitated men, led by Jason Kamwiti who has prior knowledge in welding have made 60 metallic beds.

“I wish to tell the youth that drugs will waste their life, resources and energy. I urge the youth to keep off drugs. I hope that as a team, after we make the beds, we can also make windows, and doors among other metallic items,” said Kamwiti.

Ian Miano (22 years) who is part of the welding team hopes to pursue metal work and welding as a career.

“After form four, my uncle showed me how to do welding. However, I got addicted to alcohol and lost my way. When we were taken to Timau centre for rehabilitation, I assisted repair the gate through welding, and this reignited those old memories. Again, during the post-rehabilitation program, I am part of this team that has welded and created 60 beds. I am alcohol and drug free, and my dream has been reignited. I want to pursue welding professionally,” said Miano.

The other group of rehabilitated men is also constructing a boarding facility on the same grounds to expand the capacity for rehabilitation at the centre.

Anderson Mahinda, opened up about his life before addictions and working as a mason.

“I lost useful contacts who would call me for jobs as a mason due to my addiction to alcohol. I will not want to go back to such a life. I am happy we have been able to construct this structure, and we have made some money from this work, which has also restored hope in my family and made them very happy,” said Mahinda.



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