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Elderly to benefit from Hass Group’s donation to Mama Ibado Charity


In a significant boost to senior healthcare, Hass Group has donated Ksh. 1,140,000 million to Mama Ibado Charity.

This substantial contribution is set to transform the lives of vulnerable elderly citizens by enhancing their access to essential healthcare services.

Amb. Dr. Amina Mohamed, a member of the board of directors at Mama Ibado Charity, emphasized the positive impact of the donation while receiving the cheque.

“This generous donation will cover NHIF premiums for 100 seniors, facilitate their weekly medical consultations at our offices, and ensure the availability of essential medicine for one year,” said Amb. Dr. Mohamed.

Mohamud Salat, CEO of Hass Group, highlighted the company’s commitment to social responsibility and the importance of supporting senior citizens.

“We are not just donating; we are investing in the health, dignity, and overall well-being of our elderly population, the pillars of our society,” he stated.

The donation will specifically benefit elderly individuals by providing them with National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) coverage.

This initiative will ensure that 100 senior citizens have access to essential medication without any cost.

Moreover, the charity’s weekly clinics, staffed by a clinical officer, will address the ongoing medical needs of these beneficiaries, ensuring they receive regular and reliable healthcare services.

Mama Ibado Charity has been at the forefront of enrolling senior citizens in NHIF, significantly enhancing their quality of life by offering free access to necessary medications and consistent medical consultations.

This partnership with Hass Group exemplifies a commitment to restoring dignity and improving the overall well-being of Kenya’s elderly population.

The collaboration between Hass Group and Mama Ibado Charity stands as a testament to the profound impact that corporate social responsibility can have on vulnerable communities, ensuring that senior citizens receive the care and respect they deserve.

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