By Nzula.

The Mobile Film Festival Africa has announced the official selection for the second edition of the festival. The selection includes 54 films from 21 African countries.

The selection comes from a pool of 886 films from 40 African countries as compared to 497 films from 38 countries in the first edition, a 78 per cent increase.

The second edition employs the same rules that previously made it successful: 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film. This unique format promotes equal access by removing financial barriers through the use of mobile phones and free registration to the festival while valuing the creativity of filmmakers who are challenged to tell a compelling story in one minute.

The selected films tackle important societal questions throughout all cinematographic genres: comedy, fiction, thriller, documentary and more.

Speaking about the selection, Bruno Smadja, the founder of the Mobile Film Festival Africa said, “It’s the beginning of a great edition thanks to the generous and enthusiastic participation of young creators from all over the continent. Above all and as you will discover it, their films are particularly committed: committed to this planet that we mistreat, committed to women’s rights, committed against child labour and committed to the migratory crisis.”

Further adding that the festival was committed to sharing these films as widely as possible. 

“At the Mobile Film Festival, we are proud to be able to share all of these young Africans’ visions with as many people as possible, in Africa and around the world. This is how we make their voices heard.”

The four Kenyan films selected for the festival are:-

  • PAASWAAAD (Password) | Shandra Daisy Apondi | Kenya 

  • Macho Nne (Four Eyes) | Neha Manoj Shah | Kenya 

  • First Gig | David Waronja | Kenya 

  • Red Cycle | Artsy Solomon | Kenya 

The festival is part of the  “Rabat, African Capital of Culture” program where KShs. 6,260,600 ($46,000) in creative grants will be awarded to the winners and nine prizes with scholarships which allow the winners to make a film by professional means. 

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