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ICT Authority, Microsoft sign deal to transform digital economy

The government is targeting to adopt a cloud-first strategy in transforming public service delivery and improving efficiencies in the provision of e-government services.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding between ICT Authority and Microsoft, the strategy will enhance Kenya’s digital transformation and assist the government in achieving the Digital Economy Blueprint objective.

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ICT and Digital Economy Principal Secretary, John Tanui said the partnership between ICTA and Microsoft will accelerate the country’s digital economy.

“As a country, we have laid the foundation for a conducive digital economy environment which requires stakeholders like you to use in developing our sector. So far, we have managed to digitize over 14,000 government services and this partnership is crucial in seeing more developing our digital economy,” he said.

ICT Authority Chief Executive Officer, Stanley Kamanguya said they will be able to contribute to development of digital skills, among other ICT pillars and ensure a thriving digital economy.

“I would like to thank Microsoft for this engagement which has come at the right time. We believe that towards the end of this partnership, we shall enhance our cyber security awareness, enhance our digital skills and develop key technology areas for a vibrant digital sector,” added Kamanguya.

Microsoft Country Manager Phyllis Migwi welcomed the partnership saying that they will work together with ICTA to promote the government’s agenda on the digital economy.

“As a leader in the tech space in Kenya, Microsoft is very glad to sign this MoU and for us, we are looking forward to see how we shall bring the full power of Microsoft services and products to the government for mutual benefit. Having operated in Kenya for over 20 years, we believe that this partnership will enhance the digital transformation agenda,” said Migwi.

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