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Paytv firm adds channels to enhance viewer experience


Startimes subscribers will now be able to enjoy premium content that is tailored to their preferences and moods.

The pay television provider has partnered with Warner Bros Discovery to introduce four channels: Discovery, Boing TLC and Investigation Discovery which aims to enhance subscribers’ television viewing experience.

Channel 1

Startimes CEO,  said the extensive content catalog is available to subscribers through the platforms terrestrial, satellite and online streaming service Star Times ON at affordable subscription rates.

“Our vision with Warner Bros is to offer diverse and captivating entertainment options to our audiences. Families and entertainment enthusiasts can look forward to an entirely fresh and engaging entertainment landscape,” said Carter Luoh, Startimes Chief Executive Officer.

Luoh further said the introduced channels will cover a wide range of content from non–fiction documentaries to family and children shows.

“These channels offer an array of content spanning non-fiction documentaries, family and children’s shows. Whether you seek science and technology, exploration, adventure, history, crime and justice, real-life stories, comedy, or action, you will discover programs tailored to your tastes and moods on these channels, “he added.

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