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IED explodes killing two Al-Shabaab militants in Garissa

The militants were planting an IED along Amuma-Ruqa Road when it exploded on them

Two suspected Al-Shabab militants were killed in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) explosion in Garissa county.

According to DCI, the blast happened Tuesday morning when a group of Al-Shabaab militants was planting the IED along a road in Garissa County, killing two of them on the spot, as others escaped with serious injuries.

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“A group of Al-Shabaab militants that was planting an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) along a road in Garissa County was served a taste of their own medicine when the IED exploded killing two of them on the spot, as others scattered from the scene with life-threatening injuries,” said DCI on X.

The insurgents have been planting explosives on the roads in the region to target security agents on patrol. Dozens of officials have been killed in the process.

“Karma came back on the militants who were targeting innocent civilians and police officers using the road when the explosive went off delivering instant justice to the Shabaab” the detectives explained.

Border patrol officers from a nearby police camp visited the scene along Amuma-Ruqa Road and confirmed the early morning incident.

The officers described the explosion as powerful after they discovered body parts were scattered on the blast scene.

“Scattered limbs, parts of the human digestive system and tatters of the ragtag militia’s fatigues littered the scene, demonstrating the level of impact of the explosion. Also found at the scene was a battery and some wires believed to have been part of the explosive” added DCI.

The officers have since conducted a clearance patrol of the area and are pursuing the militants.






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