Slowli has opened its inaugural flagship store at the Village Market in Nairobi.

With its unwavering commitment to ethical craftsmanship, eco-conscious practices, the “Buy Kenya Build Kenya” movement, Slowli is setting a new standard in sustainable fashion.

Founders of Slowli

According to its founder, Slowli’s mission goes beyond fashion, it’s about uplifting local communities and safeguarding the environment.

Tanya Martin and Pinky Ghelani

The brand is dedicated to sourcing all raw materials and manufacturing products exclusively within East Africa, thus supporting local businesses, individuals, and reducing its environmental footprint.

Mrinalini Agnihotri, Founder of Slowli, noted, “Slowli is a testament to the harmonious blend of fashion, community, and environmental stewardship. Our flagship store is not just a retail space, it’s a statement of our dedication to Kenya and its rich resources.”

The founders and Tatiana Karanja

Slowli has garnered a devoted following due to its unwavering dedication to producing 100% Made in Kenya apparel, fostering local artisans, utilizing indigenous fabrics, and collaborating with esteemed Kenyan artists. Its fusion of comfort and sustainability has struck a chord with discerning women who embrace high-quality, ethically crafted attire proudly bearing the “Made in Kenya” label.

Fashion stylist Namnyak, Pinky Ghelani and Patricia Kihoro

The store’s grand opening featured the launch of the “100% Made in Kenya Collection” a testament to Slowli’s enduring commitment to local craftsmanship and sustainability. From the cotton fields of Kenya to the final product, every facet of production underscores Slowli’s pledge to support local communities and reduce its ecological footprint.

Their remarkable designs are the brainchild of Kenyan luminary designer, Kulula, whose distinctive artistic vision further enhances Slowli’s already unique product line.

The founders and Kulula
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